A 45-year old successful business tycoon; a man who takes pride in his family. He is a perfectionist not only personally but professionally who managed to save his father’s business empire from bankcruptcy. He is considered a good role model and a born leader; the one his family looks to for strength especially in difficult times. He is a very conservative man who is very protective of his three daughters. His greatest fear is the possibility of something destroying his “perfect” family. His world is turned upside down when Elisa disappears, it will cause him to doubt his “perfect” life and the people in it.


This page is dedicated to Albert Martinez as he is about to celebrate his 50th birthday and his 30th year in show business. Trace his journey as an actor, starting out as a matinee idol during the early 1980’s and re-inventing himself into an acclaimed actor from the 1990’s and up to the present. Albert shares his experiences starring in unforgettable films like Teenage Marriage, Hindi Mo Ako Kayang Tapakan, Pangako ng Kahapon, Rizal sa Dapitan, and Magnifico, among
many. Find out more what he intends to achieve as an actor and as a family man. Albert also talks about how what he loves about doing teleseryes especially in ABS-CBN, and now that he is part of Nasaan Ka, Elisa?